Minting Guide

Songs for Tunes lets artists upload songs to sell on an open decentralized marketplace. The only pre-requisite to mint Songs is to have some ETH to pay for the network fees, using a web3 wallet like Metamask.

Step 1: Pre-requisites

If you are using Google Chrome, download Metamask here and follow the setup guide to generate your wallet. Take your time, this is an important step. When you are done setting up Metamask, you will need to deposit some ETH to pay for transactions. You can use the buy button on Metamask to buy a small amount with a debit card if you don't have any ETH elsewhere.

Step 2: Buy a Tune (optional)

There are two song categories you can mint: Originals and Remixes. Originals are limited to 5000 Songs and can only be minted by Tune owners. Remixes in contrast can be minted by anyone but are less scarce and therefore less valuable than Originals. If you want an Original, you'll have to own a Tune. You can buy one on OpenSea. You'll just have to place a bid on one and wait, or buy a listed one directly.

Step 3: Mint a Song

To mint a Song, you'll need three things: an audio file (accepted formats are .mp3 and .wav), an artist name (that's you!) and the OpenSea URL of the Tune you want to base your song on. When you're ready, go to the Songs website (this website), hit the "Connect To Create" button and accept the Metamask request to connect that will pop up. Once you're connected, paste the OpenSea URL of the Tune in the first field, enter an artist name in the second, and use the "Upload audio file" button to select your audio file. You should see a preview of your Song right above the mint button. You should see the mint button turning blue when everything is ready. Note that website will automatically detect if the Tune you've entered belongs to you. If it does, the website will suggest minting an original track, if it doesn't, the website will suggest minting a Remix. When you're certain that everything is set up as you want it to be, hit the mint button and confirm the transaction on Metamask.

That's it! You just minted a Song, pretty cool huh? Now your music lives forever on the Blockchain and can be freely traded or exchanged. You will find your newly minted Song on OpenSea under your profile. You can sell it on OpenSea by listing it for a small fee.